Easter is a time for those who celebrate it to be with loved ones and enjoy delicious food. Easter traditions differ dramatically from one household to another, and I reached out to four Fort Worth locals to see what is on their Easter table this year.

Crystal Vastine of Fort Worth Foodies usually gets Sweet Lucy’s Strawberry Pie and calls it a day. You can order Sweet Lucy’s through her website or find her at Clearfork Farmers Market.

Chef Dena Peterson and family enjoy traditional ham and scalloped potatoes for Easter. She also fills little plastic eggs with lotto tickets for the kids.

Hao Tran enjoys making tea eggs, a popular snack in Asia for Easter. Essentially, you steep hard boiled eggs in a liquid darkened and flavored by tea, soy sauce and spices. Normally the egg shells are cracked (but not peeled) before adding to the flavored liquid which gives a marble-like pattern on the egg white when peeled.

Chef Julia Dunaway, who specializes in whole foods, plant-based cooking is looking forward to tofu “ham” and deviled potatoes. You can find her recipe for plant-based, no-oil deviled potatoes here: https://chef-julia.com/recipes/plant-based-deviled-potatoes-no-oil/

PS. all of the above mentioned FW locals have been a guest on our Fort Worth Stories podcast, and you can listen to their episodes by using the links below.
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