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The Culinary School of Fort Worth has a passion for promoting the local food and beverage scene in Fort Worth. This podcast and blog site was created by the school as an avenue to showcase the many great restaurateurs and business minds in the area while also providing a learning tool for future chefs. We thank you for joining us on this journey into the minds of the people who make Fort Worth great.

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What’s New, Fort Worth?

Written by Crystal Willars Vastine. Photos by Crystal Willars Vastine. The most frequently asked question I get about my Instagram account (@fwfoodie) is “do you really eat all that?” Yes, I really eat all that…with a little help from my friends. They have,...

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Chocolate Birthday Sheet Cake Recipe

Written by Katherine Sasser. Photos by Elizabeth McLaurin. My name is Katherine Sasser, and I have been a home cook for twenty years.  I learned everything I know from what I call the holy trinity of recipe writers:  Martha Stewart, Rebecca Rather, and, of...

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