To All Who Have Been a Guest, Listened, or Supported Fort Worth Food Stories in Any Way,

Thank you.

I was hired on at The Culinary School of Fort Worth in January of 2018, and we immediately began thinking of ways in which we could make a deeper connection with the community of Fort Worth. We started this podcast in April of that same year as a way to make that connection and highlight the great stories of the chefs, restaurateurs, food bloggers, and all others involved in the culinary scene.

Our goal at The Culinary School of Fort Worth has always been to show how diverse yet united this culinary community is. One of the greatest parts of doing the podcast has been hearing how each guest has lifted up other members of the Fort Worth culinary community and how some of our episodes have brought people together in a way that they hadn’t been before.

Since beginning this podcast, we have accumulated 50 episodes, 5,000+ downloads, and 10,000+ listeners, and it would not have been possible to continue on this journey without each and every one of you.

On a personal note, I want to take a quick moment to specifically thank Crystal Vastine for all of her support with this since day 1 (she is also the one who came up with the Fort Worth Food Stories name); our writers Josie Villa-Singleton, Katherine Sasser, Chef Jon Bonnell, and the newest addition Katie Garrott; and my boss Scott Wade for giving me complete freedom over this podcast right from the start. I also want to thank Chef Bonnell for being the first guest to ever come onto this podcast. That will always be very special to me.

So thank you again to everyone who helped Fort Worth Food Stories reach 50 episodes, and I can’t wait to write another letter like this after we reach 100.


James Creange

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